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See the complete program on Gymkee
See the complete program on Gymkee

How can I see all the workouts of a program on Gymkee?

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On Gymkee your coach will usually create a program composed of several workouts spread over several weeks.

So... how can you access and visualize what is waiting for you in your program?

Well, it's very simple!

First, go to your Gymkee app.

When you arrive on your home page, the first thing you will see is the workout that is scheduled for today, if you have one scheduled.

Here you have different ways to see your complete program.

The first possibility is to click directly on the name of your program that is linked to your workout:

You will have direct access to your full program week by week with details of each workout.

The 2nd option is to go to the "Fitness" category:

Then go to the program you are currently following which is in the "Current Programs" category

Now you have access to your full program:

You can open the workouts, see the exercises that are waiting for you and decide to start the workout if you want to.

Now you know how to see your entire program on Gymkee :)

Don't be afraid to take a look at the other tutorials to master Gymkee from A to Z and make sure to reach your goals. 🎯

We'll be there for you if you need anything!

Have great workouts and take care of yourself!

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