Complete a workout on Gymkee

How to do a workout on Gymkee?

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You have just been added to Gymkee, bravo 👏

From now on, you will easily perform the workouts sent by your trainer to reach your goals.

But how do you start a workout? That's what we're going to see together in this article.

Go to your app available on all the stores and log in to your account.

Once on your home page, if you have a workout scheduled, it should appear in the "Fitness" section.

Before you start your workout, you will be able to preview it to see what to expect and watch the exercise videos.

To do this, click on the workout.

You will land on the preview of your workout:

⚠️ Please note, this is not where you will be doing your workout.

This screen allows you to preview your entire workout before you start it.

You will be able to view:

The workout instructions left by your coach (if completed):

The whole structure of your workout:

The details of the exercises to anticipate the weights to put in place

The exercise videos so you can watch your exercises before starting your workout.

💡 To watch the video, you need to click on the thumbnail (the image).

Once you have looked at what is waiting for you in your workout, you will be able to start it by tapping on the "Start this workout" button.

Your workout starts now!

When you arrive on your workout, you will be taken directly to the first exercise of your training.

Once again, there are many elements on this screen, and it is straightforward to understand, you will see!

First, you have the video of your exercise:

The video will run in a loop so that you can always visualize the movement to perform it properly and avoid any injury.

Then, you will have the name of your exercise as well as the actual set and the number of sets to perform:

Just below, you will find the exercise instructions:

These instructions are divided into 3 :

  • The 1st label is used to indicate the intensity or the weight of your exercise.

  • The 2nd label is used to specify the number of reps, the duration or the distance of your training.

  • The 3rd and last label is used to indicate your rest time.

If it is a timed exercise, you will find the timer just below the exercise instructions.

To launch the timer, click on the "Start Timer" button.

To stop the timer during the exercise, you have to tap on it, and the timer will automatically pause.

With any exercise, you can move on to the next one at any time. All you have to do is click on "Go to next" or "Go to next exercise."

When you go from one exercise to the next, you will usually rest between the two exercises.

During your rest time, you will be able to preview the following exercise:

Here, a new element also appears a comment from your coach.

Your coach will give you additional instructions thanks to a comment that will appear just below the video. Tap on it to see it:

The app will automatically switch to the next exercise when your rest time is over. There is a countdown from 10 seconds to anticipate the restart and start your new exercise.

You will be able to know this thanks to the text indicates that will appear below the name of the exercise and thanks to the variant icon:

To change the exercise, you can click on the barbell icon next to it and choose the new exercise:

Once you have finished your set, just put "Set completed" to complete the information to your trainer:

You will know which set you are editing because it is automatically highlighted.

You have two options to give feedback to your trainer:

  • Use the slider

  • Type directly into the result box

If you have extra things to add to your trainer, you can do so with a comment:

In your workout, you will check your progression and know precisely where you are in your training.

To do this, click on the menu at the top right of your screen during your workout:

On this screen, besides seeing what you have left to do during your workout, you will be able to do two more things:

1) Mute the timer

2) Stop your workout

Once your workout is over, fill out your end-of-workout form and send it to your trainer so he or she can access it.

Bravo, you just finished your first workout 👏

Don't be afraid to look at the other tutorials to master Gymkee from A to Z and make sure you are progressing well to reach your goals. 🎯

We're here for you if you need anything!

Have great workouts and take care of yourself ❤️

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