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Add your own exercise videos on Gymkee
Add your own exercise videos on Gymkee

How to add your own exercises on Gymkee?

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On Gymkee you will be able to find more than 400 exercises filmed in 4K in the gym which are composed of both movements with equipment and without equipment

Despite our best efforts to enrich our video exercise database, sometimes you may feel like you're in over your head and want to add your own exercises.

You'll be able to do this quite easily without having to go through external platforms.

First, go to the "Exercise Videos" section under "Fitness".

To add your first exercise, click on the button at the top right of your screen "Add an exercise".

To correctly set up your exercise you must add the following elements:

  • An exercise name

The exercises are only visible to you and your clients. So you can put any name you want.

  • A video of the exercise

On Gymkee, to guarantee a truly good coaching experience for your clients, the exercises are only in video format.

We recommend that you add videos of no more than 30 seconds in length, as they are automatically looped by Gymkee and will allow your clients' applications to load much more quickly.

  • An exercise description

To help your clients better understand the movement and execute it well, don't hesitate to write a complete & easy to understand description.

  • A preview image

To help you find your exercise more quickly and to allow your clients to have a practical preview, you can add your own thumbnail & preview image for your exercise.

By default, we generate an image automatically from the video.

  • A primary muscle category

Gymkee categorizes exercises by primary & secondary muscle group. It is important to be able to indicate to Gymkee and your clients which primary muscle is targeted by your exercise.

  • Secondary muscles

To help your client understand exactly what is being worked with your exercise, you can add secondary muscle group categories.

  • Tags

Tags allow you to classify your exercises according to your own elements. We have added some by default and you will be able to create your own tags to better filter your exercises.

Once you have set up your exercise, you will be able to click on the top right button "Add exercise" to add it to your own exercise library.

Now you know how to add your own video exercises directly to Gymkee to create your sports programs.

You will be able to add alternative exercises to your exercises in case your clients encounter a difficulty (machine not available, out of order, etc...). You can read this article to find out how to do this:

👉 Add alternative exercises

If you need anything, feel free to contact us via the internal app chat at the bottom right 😉

Great coaching & take care of yourself ❤️

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